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As the oldest of three boys, Steve began life in Wisconsin and would venture out to live and broaden his experiences in California, Germany, Utah, Texas, and Wyoming.

With six sons and one daughter the lives of Steve and his wife Sonya are full and rewarding – and often demanding. Twenty years in the Scouting program highlight much of the extensive involvement father and sons have with each other. His range of dedicated services goes from Cub Master to Scoutmaster and District Chairman and include helping four of his son’s and  countless others achieve the acclaimed Eagle status.
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But regardless of where he travels he is never far away from his family. As a devoted and loving father he maintains a single purpose of living his life as an example of what he expects of his children – to be honest in their dealings – to be dedicated in their commitments – to honor and obey and respect others – to live a life of impeccable integrity.

Seldom, if ever, will you find Steve without the latest news and technology magazine close at hand – or a good book to read. His never ending quest for the most current technology and business information is skillfully mixed with his interest in world events and, again, serve as a model for his children to learn by.
Although steeped deeply into information technology and computer programming, Steve is set apart from his peers by integrating his love for people and adventure into his daily life. Telling a good joke . . . getting people to enjoy the wonders of laughter and life . . . and his depths of technology abilites have taken this man to the far corners of the World - - - from the top of snow capped Rocky Mountains in Wyoming - - - to the vast regions of Africa and Russia - - - to the depts of affluent Europe, Steve mixes his technology expertise with his enjoyment of people to bring about enlightened solutions to business and life.
Discovering the depths of this man and his family helps decision makers in the electronic and software industries understand why ParseTree should be THE company of choice when looking for solutions based Consulting Services.
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