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The technical origin and expertise that recently emerged as "ParseTree Corporation" had its beginnings in the 90's with Electronic Tools Company, which had risen to prominence as having captured the majority of the world's EDIF translator market.  Blending over 30 years of accumulated experience has prepared ParseTree to enter the exclusive consulting arenas that provide highly specialized services for electronics & software industries around the world. 

Simply stated, ParseTree offers a wide range of programming, consulting, and management services that cover multiple levels of software and hardware applications--all designed to meet and exceed your requirements.

Although ParseTree is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, its credibility comes from extensive national and international experience that includes ventures into such places as: 
   Africa--From Butare to Kigali,  technical solutions were investigated to improve quality of life and established new industries.
   England--International standards meetings were central to engagements in Manchester that enabeled ParseTree with experience in reviewing large and complex standards.
   France--The French EDAC Conference in Paris became the site of choice to expand European marketing & business development opportunities.
   Japan--Critical onsite customer & sales support was provided to Tokyo based customer to customize their schematic capture for their needs.
   Russia--ParseTree President/CEO built upon existing reusable software foundation to help design and develop a new generation of translation toolkit  products that efficiently utilizes locally available skilled and cost effective resources.
   USA--A decade of coast-to-coast services has provided customers with a cadre of technical training, onsite trouble shooting, and custom development solutions.

Your success is our success!

Our Goal: Find long lasting solutions and provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction . . .
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